I just saw the movie Get Out! #GetOut

I do not like scary movies at all. I just don’t like putting that energy into my spirit. Get Out may be a horror film to white people but for black people there’s a subliminal message and a sad reality that exists in the media and television of today. After watching this movie I realize that it’s time to recognize the hypnosis that I allow into my own life through social media, television, and other black people’s experience. I recognize that for me the strongest hypnosis comes from other black people’s negative experiences in dealing with white people and whiteness. I find that because of it, I’ve worked hard to make white people feel comfortable around me/my blackness and that is a stronghold that I am going to be done with because white people are unaware of whiteness I’m tired of ignoring their ignorance of that. They are hyper sensitive to blackness which is simply selfish. I’ll still love their white ass but I’m tired of conforming to whiteness for white people’s comfort. Why is it that white people feel more comfortable around other whites and blacks more comfortable around other blacks? We could have remained separate had we not been dragged over to America but now that we are all here we are going to get along and that is my point. When I’m out numbered in a white setting I start feeling like my black ass is animal and I begin fixing myself. Fixing my speech, my posture, and all of this has become seamless and unconscious and I’m tired of feeling any bit of discomfort due to other people’s perceptions regarding my blackness. They should be over working to serve and make my black ass feel comfortable and I ought to get used to being served by them.

I’m going to ask white people the awkward questions like how do you feel about the White House being named the White House and I am going to demand a quality life experience where ever I go even if I’m in the hood and I won’t act like I’m ok when I’m not and like it’s ok when it’s not! I’m not a coon or animal but if I happen to act like one they will deal with it because they created it by the neglect and denial of their own bad behavior…

I went to Malibu yesterday and I plan on going to all the whitest places, acting like and being treated like the queen I am. I won’t forget that they want to be black and my black ass will walk in the fullness of my glory even when I am out numbered!

I’m just over the politeness and the politically correct bull shit of hiding myself, and undermining my own blackness for the sake of whiteness to keep things white and more comfortable for them.  I know how to do it but I won’t do it anymore as they should try to be more coonish – more forgiving, more meek, and more humane…
#givingzerofrucks #GETOUT #Justice #BlackPower #BeautifulBlackAss la-et-hc-get-out-horror-peele-20161004-snap


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